My Life With Morrissey

My Life With Morrissey

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Jackie Buscarino stars in Andrew Overtoom’s darkly comic masterpiece “My Life with Morrissey”

I wrote and directed this offbeat comedy while working on season 3 of Spongebob at Nickelodeon. Jackie Buscarino’s performance as a mild-mannered office gal who catches a bad case of “rock star-itus” is fearless, hugely funny and won her a best actor award at the Black Rock Film Festival. The entire cast and crew (including a hilarious supporting actor role by soon to be famous Carla Jimenez as best friend “Virginia”) show the power of the Hollywood creative spirit. They are the folks that make Los Angeles and the film biz magical, and I applaud and remain gratefully stunned by their work and artistic achievement.

Chris Garcia from FanBoy wrote: “A charming turned spooky comedy that grows more bizarre and unpredictable.” [5][6] Eric Campos from Film enjoyed the film and wrote, “this is a funny goddamn movie!”[7]

Critic Stephen Dalton of The Times wrote, “Feeling at times like an end-of-term school play, this gleeful examination of deranged fan worship is a sunny cousin to Martin Scorsese’s King of Comedy”,[8] referring to the 1983 film The King of Comedy.

My Life With Morrissey is distributed by MVD, and you can stream it on Amazon Prime by clicking the animating gif above.

Click the photo below to read a review of the film from the Sonoma Film Festival…

Buscarino in My Life with Morrissey

Jackie Buscarino has a serious heart to heart with her Morrissey blow-up doll in Andrew Overtoom’s award winning indie-feature My Life With Morrissey

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