So this happened…

Hand drawn 2D Spongebob image

2D Spongebob image

2D to 3D translation of Spongebob into Maya.

So the nice people at Paramount Pictures put me in charge of translating all of the characters from the Spongebob Squarepants 2D television show into CG models in Maya for the 3rd Spongebob movie “Sponge On The Run.” So after a lot of coffee and eyeballing old model sheets and Spongebob TV episodes – and a lot of late night modeling sessions with my partner in crime Spongebob movie Production Designer Rachel Tiep Daniels, 2D to 3D CGI Spongebob was born. Rachel and I spent a lot of time fine-tuning his final look with the modeling and surfacing teams at Mikros Animation in Montreal. By the time I moved to Montreal in early 2018 to direct animation for the movie, we had an authentic 2D to 3D translation Spongebob Squarepants CG model ready to roll in Maya. Hope you like him, Steve Hillenberg — we did our best to make you proud!

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